image: Priya Q

image : Priya Q

Indians love their halwas, be it be carrot halwa, kesari / suji halwa or aate ka halwa (made from wholewheat flour). This one just melts in your mouth as your devour it. The best one I have ever had is at the Gurudwara (religious place for the Sikhs) where aate ka halwa is distributed to the devotees as khada prasad. No matter how many time I tried, I must admit I never even was close to the one we get at Gurudwaras! But, it is still doable…so do try it out 🙂


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Kesari or Suji Halwa Recipe


The quickest thing to make when you get a craving for sweet… I normally have it as halwa. It’s only in Kerala i saw people setting it and cutting diamond pieces of it to make it look like a barfi. Which I think is a good way to serve when you have guests at home. Besides the recipe also differs. I used to add sugar to the water while boiling unlike in this recipe. Here’s the recipe I picked up from Mini Ammai (Q’s aunt)….

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