Lentil Zucchini Side Dish


This is yet another creation of Biji ammai – simple, quick and yummy. What set it apart from the normal lentil preparation is the usage of Zucchini. If you don’t have Zucchini you can use pumpkin instead! Don’f forget to give me a feedback post you cook 🙂

Gram daal / chana daal (lentil) – 1 cup


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Dal Recipe South Indian Style

Creative Commons License photo credit: aNantaB

I was kinda tired of my husband (Q) telling me how yummy is the daal that his aunt (Mini ammai)  makes. So I made it a point to get the dal recipe from Mini ammai when we visited her and now I get the compliments from Q for the same dal…am I smart or am I smart?  ;)…. here, have a look at teh recipe…its damn simple! I am sure you will love it. You will let me know, wont you? 🙂

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