About me

Am a foodie; I love almost everything, except for creepy crawlies. Thanks, but no thanks!


Akshayapatram is my person journal of recipes that I learn from people around me or people I meet during my travels. Sometimes, I do post recipes that I might have experimented in my Kitchen. This journal is public, so I can share with you, everything I learn.


That said, in between trying various recipes, my heart lies in baking. Savouries or cakes, I love the whole process..the aroma of a freshly baked cake is an instant mood-uplifter. It’s almost therapeutic.


While my 6 year old daughter is all up for, wielding a spatula and mix up the ingredients, my 20 months old son moves around with concentrated attention on how to topple over everything that catches his fancy! In between all the madness, we bake and love each moment spent, together in the kitchen.


I mentioned travels earlier. I maintain a travel journal too. If it is something that interests you, do check www.composedvolcano.com.


Food is soulful. If prepared with love, it not only touches people’s heart but their souls. Be mindful about what you eat ; your body is what you feed it!


Healthy regards


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