Spanish Tortilla Recipe

Spanish Tortilla Image: Priya Q

This one I learnt to make while my stay in Barcelona. The Spanish Tortilla or omelette made with potatoes and bell pepper is a typical Spanish breakfast which is wholesome and delectable. Only tricky part is the transferring of the omelette…but what fun without creative cooking..yeh? :) so let’s get going!

Eggs – 4 nos

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Masala Dosa Recipe

Now if you already have tried your hand at making dosa (Indian pancakes)…lets move one step ahead and make its with some filling…yeh just like French Galette . You can be creative with your filling cooked spicy mutton / chicken to paneer (cottage cheese) and soya! Use what you like or comes to your mind.


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Baked Potatoes with Pumpkin Sauce

Twice Baked Potatoes
Creative Commons License photo credit: norwichnuts

Well, Europeans love their potatoes. Come every meal and they wont mind having it in different styles….hash browns, mashed potatatoes, baked, roasted or with pumpkin sauce :). This one is so simple and delicious that you might end up making it quite too often :) check it out!!

Potato – 5-6 large sized (peeled and diced in big cubes)

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