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Might come in 3. Weapons are broken into three basic types: one-handed weapons which can be wielded with a single hand, two-handed weapons which require two hands, and ranged weapons which also require two hands. In particular, mutilate rogues must pool energy before a finisher so that find weakness will be active for all of their mutilates and any direct-damage finishers. For more specific valuations of these trinkets, consult a spreadsheet. These weights assume your average gear level consists of hyjal summit and black temple drops, as well as 2.

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Wow rogue fist weapon. Make sure you are also getting power word: fortitude and gift of the wild. I saw that there are two daggers that are fishes. Poisons are no longer available to all three specs and can now only be used by assassination rogues. Withered training makes me withered literally. Using the following abilities when ever available and together will get you 10k+ trash dps and will help your tank on threat:

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I think it’s a good idea to keep it so that not everyone can mog to anything. Sam obviously has a good amount of knowledge about rogues, so stfu. Besides, polearms have different animations to swords too, so it’s bullshit full stop.