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Just give it a nice ‘howdy-do’ and then move on the sucking the bejesus outta my wang and we’re all good. Doesn’t actually feel good. 4:02 (1) did you just call yourself a ho since you did it. Take what you can. Last time i looked, guys only had one hole on the pole, it’s women who have separates.


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Tongue pee hole. They dig that shit. Tongue the pee hole = you watch too much porn = youz a ho. I’m a man from (913) area & i cannot beleieve how uninformed some of you are. Just because your bf dislikes the technique doesn’t mean that it is dead in the water for all other men. Makes me wanna smack ’em in the head. Didn’t get any afterwards. You’re not trying to pry open a chestnut.

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Ahh don’t do that! i did that to my boyfriend once and he said “hon, they only do that in porn. Honestly, how does watching porn make you a ho?