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Anyways, there was some tension there because of that, but she was giving me head in my bed and she just drew it out forever. Sunday morning, we were trying to catch all the places in his house that we hadn’t had sex on yet before i left that afternoon. In just a few glorious seconds, that feeling moved into my hands and feet, then into my arms and legs, and it finally converged onto my genitals. His parents were of course there, so we’d sneak out to have sex on the dock. When i say made love, i don’t mean boring in any way! everything about the experience was intense – i realized that i was madly in love with him that weekend. If he continues the stimulation, and i am up for it, i usually repeat these experiences several times – and in rare occasions many times more.


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The most intense orgasm. I was with then girlfriend, we had absolutely incredible sex. You were now firmly pinioned with your back against the upward support and your ankles curving around either side at the base of the post. It hit me that she may have more of an imagination than i thought! what was this stuff suppose to do? i had a feeling i was about to find out! I know the last time we made love was about 5 days ago so your balls must be filled with cum just aching to get out. You instinctively tried to move as the sensations hit you, but that only caused the weights to sway and pull on your nipples even more. There’s two times from my late high school and early college years that really stand out.

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Get to know what makes you aroused. Not since, have i tried to reach a super o or even a prostate orgasm. I was leaking precum everywhere and even spurted some once or twice (something i never do-i’m one of those guys who usually manages only a few drops even when i am super excited).