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Betty nygaard king, r. Among their number are trombonist rob mcconnell; pianist oscar peterson; flutists herbie mann, paige brook, bill mcbirnie, and alvin hayes; conductor-arrangers henry mancini and mantovani; vibraphonist tito puente; bandleaders count basie and xavier cougat; clarinetist woody herman; accordionist dick contino; guitarist duane eddy; and vocalists natalie cole and ranee lee. Betty nygaard king “‘swinging shepherd blues'” the canadian encyclopedia. The tune has been recorded by various canadians, from oscar peterson to the edmonton youth orchestra.

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Moe koffman quartet* - swingin shepherd blues / hambourg bound (shellac) at discogsMoe koffman quartet* - swingin shepherd blues / hambourg bound (vinyl) at discogs

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Johnny pate quintet - swinging shepherd blues (vinyl) at discogs

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Swinging shepard blues b side. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. ‘ tune by moe koffman, written as ‘blues a la canadiana’ and renamed ‘swinging (or ‘swingin’) shepherd blues’ in l957 when it was recorded by the composer, playing the flute, for the lp hot and cool sax. In the 1990s, he received a bmi award for the millionth performance of the tune. Among more than 300 recordings of the tune are versions by count basie, herbie mann, mantovani, and david rose.

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Toronto: historica canada, 2006. In the sixty years since its appearance, the bmi-award-winning swinging shepherd blues has been performed as jazz, easy listening, latin, classical and even country, by everyone from jazz greats to marching bands. One of his several later recordings (grt 1230-51) was a minor hit in canada in 1973.

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