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You actually didn’t get his joke. I’m no one important, but i wholeheartedly endorse this list. You’re a goblin who who invades villages looking for girls to fuck and bring back to his castle. Depending on which part of this stuff you’re into, i’d also recommend night games.

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Games with artstyles like forest of the blue skin and milkyquest?

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Super strip fighter iv nude scene. Btw, why am i watching this? A controller is highly recommended as well. You must be over 18 to use this site. Fairy fighting by eluku is a fighter, but it is brutally hard, and you can only play as the girl fairy that’s trying not to get raped by all the other opponents. Still awesom,wish i could play it. All in all, the erotic content feels like more a massive wasted opportunity than anything else.


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This always seemed bizarre to me in a game like strip fighter, where they put all this effort into the fighting mechanics. They’re japanese and not free, but super strip fighter iv omeco edition and strip fighter v are maybe the closest thing to the street fighter games in the lewd realm. It probably doesn’t matter for the reason you’re interested, but the fighting mechanics are surprisingly tight for an h-game.

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