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One hundred thirty-three women stated that they exercised at least once a week through dance (45%, n=60), walking (31%, n=42), or swimming (23%, n=31) (. Lucy price, 4th year medical student at university of birmingham medical school, england, uk. E tele lau tausami i meaai tuuapa po meaai e tele ai le suka? ioe_____ leai_____ le mautinoa_____. Although doctors were the largest source of knowledge regarding gdm, this was only observed in around one third (37%) of questionnaires. Non-communicable diseases pose a large health threat to samoa. Resulting in busy clinics with little time to address health education.



Conflict of interest

Pregnant cum faces. There is nothing more cum inducing than knowing in the next few seconds you are going to wank your jizz all over her face and push cum soaked cock in her mouth. Gestational diabetes mellitus (gdm) is a subtype of dm and is defined as glucose intolerance with onset or first recognition during pregnancy. Surprisingly, an even smaller proportion (16%) stated that healthcare workers (nurses and midwives) were a source of information, which is concerning as all pregnant women are strongly encouraged to visit the nurse-led antenatal clinics held at ttm hospital. Who administered a pre-tested questionnaire, consisting of 12 questions, to pregnant women attending an antenatal clinic in south india. Do you think a healthy diet helps to prevent gestational diabetes? yes_____ no_____ don’t know_____.


Strengths and limitations

The questionnaire collected background information on participant’s age, self-reported height and weight, stage of pregnancy, parity, and previous history of dm/gdm or birth complications. Hence why bacteria love your vagina as well. Of those who described a past history of gdm, two had birth complications; both had preterm labour.

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