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At this point, i went to my mentor with a fear. Being a new subbie and craving control as i did, i was happy to make that promise. She told me how she was laying on her bed, naked and relaxed like a lazy animal using her vibrator exactly as she wanted to. He turns, curtseys, politely says, “thank you ma’am. Each time he would let me cum but only after i had waited for longer and longer periods of time. Sexual magic is not about the absurd idea of linear intercourse, where both lovers go in search of something: orgasm.

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Orgasm denial monthly ritual. While it arouses her to know i was locked up in her will and i was only there to please her. Witchcraft in and of itself if very empowering for women. She is no text book domme character, has no whips and doesn`t shout or scream about the place, she is very even tempered and softly spoken (something male finds difficult to deal with during those times when he`s so very excited!). The first couple of times she came round the atmosphere was a little tense, but once she realised she could do as she wished with him, she really got in the swing of it and now enjoys making him answer her embarrasing questions up close and personal! it`s such fun watching her stare into his face as she works him and he has to reply. It is flexible and evokes all of our senses. It leaves him yearning and desiring satisfaction, dreaming of what he used to experience.

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As soon as he is erect, i cease my ministrations and pull down his panties to the tops of his thighs so his penis pops out before i advise him “condom. I am always home on a thursday as one of my favourite tv programs commences at 8-30pm. It is my kink because i find a peace and completeness in it that i have not found elsewhere.