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Yours is a very well-conceived and well-written comment. Sounds a lot like pantyhose to me. A pantyhose fetish is a type of underwear fetish. What i dont under stand why some women don`t like wearing hose. Using pantyhose as bondage restraints. You are welcome aimee. Interacting with pantyhose in any other way or form during sexual activity.

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Men wearing pantyhose fetish. From what i gather, it seems to me that many pantyhose-wearing men would like to just throw on a pair of pantyhose, throw on a skirt or some shorts, go walking down the street, and be accepted by everybody. If its ok for men in scotland to wear a man-skirt (ie a kilt), why not anywhere else? and the scots are a pretty manly bunch, in general. I always wore pantyhose, even with cutoff jeans. I am in the lucky position that my wife is very understanding, and she wears pantyhose when we have sex, so i am really pretty privileged on that front. Go for it when she’s wearing tights if they mood strikes, and see if she’s cool with just pulling them down just enough so you can do something like go down on her or finger her, then you can move on to piv.


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I would be amused. I think david wanted to cry, because a pair of hose gave the ultimate sacrifice at the end of this story.

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