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One of the most celebrated comic book genres, superhero comics feature the likes of superman, batman, spider-man and the x-men individuals often clad in capes and masks, who use their extraordinary abilities to protect humanity. #1, written and penciled by jimmie robinson. Oddly enough, vaughn isn’t keen on a small screen adaptation, saying in 2013 that he created the series “. This eisner and harvey awards winning image comics series (written by brian k. (in fact, the comic series had been pitched unsuccessfully as a pilot in 2005, several years before either of those series debuted. His troubled existence is rocked by a potentially fraudulent murder charge. While we totally recommend that you read all of these amazing comics below, we strongly suggest that you should maaaaaaybe think twice about taking them out in public.

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Mature content comics. As exciting as the prospect of a new wave of r-rated superhero films is, the dreams of fans everywhere are dampened somewhat by the fact that marvel still controls the film adaptation rights to most of their characters, and they haven’t exactly indicated that they’re willing to start letting. If this were a marvel movie, it would be co-written and directed by. The walking dead” is such a cultural phenomenon at this point that you miiiiight get away with cracking a volume open at your local coffee shop without attracting the wrong kind of attention. There were two volumes of the series, here are the covers to the first issue and the first collected volume respectively. Vaughn and pia guerra envisions a world where every single living creature with a y chromosome dies at the same time — except for one guy and his pet monkey, also male. But with a lot more explicit sex, which is really saying something. And it would certainly be a great property for television.


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Read (and laugh) at your own peril! Bomb queen is all about a beautiful woman who becomes a supervillain ruling over the loving citizens of new port city.

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