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Somebody plzzzz help what should i do ?? Please note, you also said gay. After about a half hour of choking and gagging he got all eight inches down my throat. Help your guy by reading profiles and helping him draft his own, but don’t initiate contact with the other men. Then you are going suck on it gently. Although this was extremely humiliating when she called and told me to come over about a week later i did. Any tips to help safely play with his?

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Make your husband suck. The top side of your tongue provides the most stimulation thanks to your taste buds. Outside of ‘would you like to have sex with me, now. After a couple of weeks my wife finally persuaded me to give it a try for her. But it gets worse, What she said she feels is “uncomfortable” and “put on the spot, forced” by his insistence that she procure a male lover for him. In the swinging setting he was unable to get a hard-on to get sucked off (or for some other form of gay sex).


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A few more months went on and i became increasingly restless – i found myself overwhelmed with feelings of confusion and despair. That was it folks except to say it wasn’t his only meal.

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