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This is a necessary process that protects her delicate private parts, and also readies her vagina for penetration, making it easier for her partner to insert his penis. And definitely after childbirth,” she says. To receive the latest updates on sexual health / stds. Rose olson, author of a study in.


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Long vaginal penetration. However, a study investigating saturation proposed 12 interviews to be adequate for most purposes [. Pain, and sometimes possibly even bleeding, is most likely caused by tearing due to a lack of lubrication. This fact must raise the question as to whether the automatic assumption that vulvo-vaginal pain of any kind lies at the core of every case of penetration avoidance. I guess the average penetration for us lasts between 3-10 minutes usually. An intriguing theoretical consideration can be taken into account at this point: that perhaps all forms of penetration phobia are primarily phobic disorders, of which only some have the psycho-physiological factor of increased perivaginal tone and pain on penetration attempts.


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Stimulating it will cause very intense feelings of love and spiritual transcendence. Having a partner back off or avoid deep penetration can help to relieve discomfort. If someone had a migraine problem wouldn’t you tell them to see a dr.

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