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But there are key things to know before you start trying. But here’s the key: “you need to gyrate on him rather than move up and down, or else he’s likely to slip out,” she says. We are trying all the positions because we are both new to sex and its been better every time. Unfortunately, not many people talk and write about it that is why now we will have a good at it and as they say, we will make it loud and simple.


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Learm position of sex pics. It depends a lot on what your man is into. It would be nice to get more of this for same sex couples. It can be confidence-building because it physically helps women to be in control,” she says. Though this move offers lots of sensations, there isn’t a lot of motion, so it’s a prime pose for guys hoping to hold off on climaxing.


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But the best option is to have her go see a doctor about it. News you can use. (again, you may want to start with a different position first or use lube).

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