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Racist stereotype from a dim witted punching bag no doubt. Like it or not, your women love us. I thought it was both. Bahahaha bullshit, there is a small percent that cant but believe me, most of us have it figured out.


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Japanese real fake orgasm. I’m the first girl who’s. A friend of mine says she she just goes throught he motions and if she doesn’t really want to she will say something in the middle of it like “are you done yet!” it’s sad, this article, because i think that many japanese would benefit from identifying with their partners. You also have to talk with your partner. These findings are pretty confusing, not that it affects me a great deal.


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The research was conducted among 26,000 people in 26 countries, who were questioned on key aspects of their sex lives: health, general wellbeing, education, beliefs, sex and relationships, attitudes to sex and social circumstances. The birthrate i mean.

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