I had sex with my best friends sister


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I slept with an ex’s sister. About 10-15 minutes later she just walks in my room and we start hooking up but she was on her period so it didn’t get that far. If you’d like to learn what this place is all about, head. I read a wally article one time and i learned my lesson. What am i missing? when i try to explain to him that it’s not a competition, it’s priorities, he says my priorities are mixed up because school and work are temporary.


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I had sex with my best friends sister. Populo evertitur ut his, summo errem postea te his. But i have to go get something from my place,i’ll meet you there. I slept with a buddy’s sister, and although he wasn’t terribly pleased to hear about it, he couldn’t very well make a fuss considering he’d hooked up with another of our friends’ sisters as well. That may sound heartless to some, but my mantra is to disclose my intentions at the beginning; that way no one gets hurt. I left behind my best friend, and his wonderful family that included his pool-stick-shaped little sister.

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I turned it down. It’s human nature, and it was my duty to follow through when i was presented with the opportunity. I woke up i the morning, it was saturday, and tomorrow my 13th birhday.

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