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Disciplining your child

My cousin was spanked growing up, he wasn’t exactly disrespectful but he was a major trouble maker! same thing with my older sister, except she was disrespectful to our parents. For signing up. Please email me for details. Yet, despite the concerns, people are becoming aware that a total avoidance of spanking doesn’t work in all cases. I alway hugged her and reinforced that i still loved her. Permission is given in advance to use the material and pictures on this site for non-commercial purposes. If someone slaps, beats, or hits their wife they can be charged with abuse.


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How often should i spank. We ended up having a great conversation about how his single mother who was raising seven children in an urban american city, “whooped him so badly, it kept him off the streets. There are undoubtedly a great many adults who were spanked as a child, and may outwardly seem “okay,” but they certainly aren’t as good as they could be. She needs to be educated on how to discipline you. Children respond differently to forms of punishment, even kids who grew up in the same home. She looked at me with tired eyes and said, “i am terrified that i. Negative consequences certainly have their place in parenting children with adhd. Your way is what is filling our prisons and hospitals.


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Timeouts and consequences are also effective discipline strategies for this age group. We got some answers from people who should know including assistant kent county prosecutor helen brinkman who specializes in crimes against kids; susan powers who is a therapist with the children’s assessment center where children who are victims of crimes are taken to be interviewed by staff trained in child psychology; and grand rapids police detective dan adams, a member of the department’s major crimes unit.

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