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A spanking story: april 2014

I told him that it was uncomfortable but that i wanted him to keep going, because this was a part of my penance, and i accepted it. A link back to this site is not required, though it is always appreciated. Some even desire it. I first spanked my girlfriend at school age. By the time we were through, her bottom was tender, but her soul had been liberated.


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How can i get my husband to spank me. During the spanking she made a. Over the knee is always the position i use. Husbands who want to beat their wives are controlling and usually have a serious sadistic streak which is not mentally normal in any way. I then order her to remove her bra, and then her panties. Set up a time frame that you both agree on for moving back into the family home. All books reviewed are either purchased by me or provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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In the early 21st century, thanks in part to domestic violence laws and no-fault divorce, families have become more fragmented and less stable as divorce became more socially acceptable than spanking. In many ways, the letter is an expanded version of things my wife has said over the decades. I hope my bf does this to me if we get married.

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