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Over time, the strain on the vascular system can add up, especially if your family’s genes predispose you to varicose veins. That was before tsa and all their security procedures were put in place, of course. A few hours later i was driving back to washington, dc. When i posted on my facebook page that i was flying to beijing, one of my friends wrote ‘better you than me. We are not supposed to have any extra shopping bags, but how else was i supposed to bring home my newfound stash from my recent trip to beijing?”. Can’t you find something else to blog about? have you never had a positive experience that is worth reporting? common theme? read a few other fa blogs.


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Flight attedant pantyhose. High heels are much more comfortable when one is wearing panty hose. But pantyhose is far from extinct. There, if you forgot to put your lip gloss in your quart-sized plastic zip bag, they will tear your bags apart in a search. Your flight time is from when the doors close to when the door is opened again. For me, the strangest stuff is just gross human behavior.

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It looks better, covers up spots and blemishes. I think the amount is generally $800 spread out over a couple of years.

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