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I pasted on a smile, but inside i was cringing. I am a fit man in a relationship with a “fat” woman. Dates constantly commented on my size, a knee-jerk reaction to their discomfort with their own desire. In the world of thin people, these are. A teenager who gained 108kg in two years to please her boyfriend has managed to shed more than half her body weight. But online dating as a fat woman meant that every message was a minefield, poised to shred through my tender body.


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Fat fetish girl. I had just spent a saturday evening behind the booth of his dj set, going shot for shot on whiskey and exchanging witty repartee. These are just a handful of the obnoxious, shitty things that come along with those stares. Good luck with that. Even in the midst of our screaming match, my brain connected the dots and deduced the oh-so brilliant meaning to the nickname.


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Please download one of our supported browsers. So have fun, i guess. While i did purchase the cat from the animal shelter and am in possession of the adoption papers, it is more accurate to say that the cat owns us.

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