Erotic female hypnotists

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Inside the underground world of erotic hypnotism

This is hardly something strange or taboo anymore. You will pay attention for a time and soon your thoughts shall be mine. Despite how tactile and corporeal sex is, there’s also a huge psychological element to it. The idea is ms.

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Erotic female hypnotists. If not, well there is still time. If you can focus on what you’re feeling without overthinking it (that is, focus on the sensations rather than what you think you should/shouldn’t be feeling), you may be able to achieve that transcendent kind of turned on that people go for when they’re watching these videos. The vendors take on appropriately gothic names (isabella valentine, nikki fatale, to name a couple) and offer their services in mp3 downloads. While a subject is entranced, suggestions can be made to the subconscious mind that encourage desired behavior and discouraged undesirable behavior. Now think of a wet dream: if your brain creates the right stimulus even if there’s no actual sensual contact, you will orgasm in real life.


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Watch the pretty coin of gold and you will do as you are told. The more she tried to move, the more intense it became, until she couldn’t take it anymore and begged for it to stop.

Dominated by a goddess: hypnodommes and the aural world of erotic hypnosis - vice

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