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Ohh i get it. Indeed, that’s a big part of point when to comes to complaints about “unrealistic female beauty standards”, that people who are attracted to some “unattainable standard of beauty” are wrong and. But you literally criticized incels for “not looking down” on prostitution. You got your own post, im jealous.


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Emma watson fucks boyfriend. Which is why it’s so weird they’d complain about two 8-10s. Not a surprise, really. She spoke up for men who weren’t traditionally masculine so they could be treated better in life. A big part of the complaints about ‘slut shaming’ are focused on telling me that sexual history doesn’t matter and that i’m. The ones who are paid the most tend to be the most impressive, they can take a character that doesn’t truly exist and become them so the character can come to life and feel real for the audience. Yes, some celebrities can be sweet to fans and entertain them.

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William still wasn’t done being all academic because he went to columbia business school to get his mba in 2011. She’s just saying she’s a feminist because it’s the cool thing to say.