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Should not be put onto an open cut, wound, sore or around the eyes. And none experienced the lightening over time of the foot pads, as the advertisements claimed would happen. If you were detoxifing the liver it would be most beneficial to apply a pad to both feet at the liver point. If you wet the gauze too much, squeeze out any excess liquid.


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Detox foot strips. They are easily removed just by pulling off the adhesive sheet. Then she held an unused pad over a pot of boiling water. A mixture of herbs, minerals, and other ingredients are placed into a thin, permeable bag, usually made of cotton. Users experiencing this are likely to have chronic problems. There is no need for a special diet.


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According to stossel’s article, “the lab tested for a lot of things, including heavy metals like arsenic and mercury and 23 solvents, including benzene, toluene, and styrene and found none of these on the used pads. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician. As an aside, for a few years now, i have kept thinking about how the health community needs it own version of underwriters laboratory to test products, supplements, and other such things so that consumers can have greater confidence on where to spend their money.

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