Couple techniques for better orgasm

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More techniques to please a woman in bed

Of course, that narrow view underestimates the complexity of the human sexual response. The good news is that you’re not destined for a lifetime of mediocre sex. Besides ‘toys’ that’ll intensify pleasure, tools like lubrication can help too. Dry humping is hugely underrated, probably because it’s called dry humping. Whether it is a gentle massage with lightly scented massage oil or a flirty spanking on the butt, playing with your senses can turn some people on more than an hour of oral sex.


Sex positions guide featuring the best ways to make love5 male orgasm techniques that will put him over the edge!

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Couple techniques for better orgasm. You can do things in the moment, like turn off all electronics, or set the mood with soft music and candles. Fingers and other toys work well too! being on top can also increase the likelihood of a smashingly good orgasm for a woman, because she is able to control the angle, depth, and pacing so that the special spot gets hit over and over again. Sign up for our newsletter. It does take practice, which takes patience and time. If you’re interested in upping your chances of having an orgasm during your next. Using your fingers either push them in or out or sweep them in circles, slowly and steadily, in and out of the vaginal entrance. Make time, but keep the spontaneity.


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The best orgasms come to those who wait. Talking about what you like along the way will make it a lot easier for you to orgasm together.

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