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Com gelden niet voor het gehele assortiment. The one scene where i felt most out of place was in europe. On average it might be two or three, but i’ve had anywhere from none if it’s a pov [point of view] scene. It can go from being a purely platonic friendship to working with them and then back to being friends. I usually know who i’m working with but in terms of what’s actually going to happen in the scene we generally don’t know.


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Confessions of a pornstar volume 2. Up to 10 people watching on. It’s usually much more disorganised than that. You need to see to believe. Basically it was a huge orgy. Then someone just came up with the idea to make the scene about a pizza delivery boy because we already had the boxes there. They always think i’m joking.

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There were about 35 girls, 15 guys and five people walking around with cameras. Exactly what life is like as a male porn star.