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Prices are for internet purchases only. But, like much of what we review at clean sheets, this is literate smut for the discriminating reader with taste as well as. The thing is, i’m got something much more serious in mind. Actually, yes,” he said. I mean that’s how old i actually had been when i found that copy of. Weatherfield dissects carrie’s motivations, her ongoing confusion over what she’s doing, and the reality of just how turned on she is by sadomasochism.


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Carrie story erotic. Written with wit, style and intelligence, dirty and tough enough for the hardest to please. What power women had could be minimized or enlarged last week i attended a reading by pam rosenthal of the re-release of her bdsm classic, carrie’s story (published initially under the name molly weatherfield in 1995). That we actually love! Peirce wants to make a hit, and, even with source material this strange, it feels as though she has. Sb: my friend pam rosenthal, who wrote carrie’s story under the pseudonym of molly weatherfield, is thrilled to bits you picked her novel for the list. The popular kids would have been all over her as one of them. The second time i have seen this 70’s classic remade, and the second time i wish they had left it alone.

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Desire runs rampant in this story of uncompromising mastery and irrevocable submission. And in this case, that’s exactly what happened. Call store for availablity (310) 458-9074.

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