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So sweet is the bright yellow-orange juice, i feel like i might instantly go into diabetic shock. I don’t think you meant to be homophobic. Still, if your partner makes a face every time they go down on you, first of all, rude, and second of all, it may be worth making these small dietary tweaks to see if they make a difference. Other males, primarily vegetarians have ejaculate that generally tastes sweet, nut like. Since semen and mucus are of a similar composition, tell your partner that you’ll take his ejaculate in your mouth if he’ll let you blow your nose into his mouth. It was fucking funky this time and sour for sure.

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Say yes to: pineapples, melons, cinnamonMake your mans semen taste better

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Better sperm taste. But can you really make sperm taste sweeter? in the interest of science we decided to find out. I also wanted to point out that salt intake seems to make a difference as well. Case of others it may be even bitter. Present in junk food is only going to make your semen taste bitter.


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Viscosity: it matters, and you can change it!

During the first week, the control, the couples would eat however they typically eat. It was thick with a salty aftertaste. Later in the week, i jerked him off into my mouth so the cum hit air before reaching my tastebuds.

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