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I don’t know what to say. The video abruptly ended with the image of the computer, ashley crying in the background. All i’ll say is that i’m on the scene right now and i don’t really know what to tell ya’ll or what to say. Regardless of the reasoning, bar’s mom shenandoah shared the unedited clip of ashley slapping herself several times and used the opportunity to express her concerns for her granddaughter holly. She is hitting herself and claiming domestic violence. Installment are familiar with the drama between ashley, bar, and their mothers.

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Ashley teen issues. Ashley has since reuploaded the vid without the violent scene. Fans apparently alerted ashley’s mother pastor tea to what was going down on instagram, causing tea to make the long drive to ashley’s house. Their moms have a history of causing friction and tension between bar and ashley, though the exact cause of their rift is unknown. He and his mom are bullies,” she continued, her voice breaking. He puts his f–king hands on me and he expects me not to put my hands back on him. I been in the middle of mess like this for [two] years smh i tried to tell people [sic],” shen added. In a tweet, shen told her followers, “like i said she is nuts and a liar.

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