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Want to see it! i would also help him out with his balls, ass, rest of his shaft (if he couldn’t reach all the way down), etc. I would definitely eat myself out, but again the spine thing is putting the kabosch on that. I would if i could, but it makes my back hurt just to think about it. I will gladly suck his friends dicks whenever he or they ask. I’m not sure why this seems so fucked up to me but it does.

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An 8 suking his own dick. Yes! i try to suck and swallow everyday as i absolutely enjoy taking my man in my mouth and having him unload his warm cum in my mouth. I never really thought about how watching a guy self-fellate would make me feel. I have showed a few lovers and it turned out to be fun experiences, i love it when a woman can really get into it with me. Even with the flexibility and what not, its not physically possible for most men. I use to suck my own cock like he is doing. I enjoy selfsuck and have for many decades.


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If i knew a guy that could do that i’d more than certainly want to see him do it. He’s had great success pleasing partners both male and female while pleasing himself. That said, within minutes,

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